About School

It is a matter of pride for an institution if it has a memorable and glorious history behind. When we recollect the past time, we feel that the history of this school should be written in golden letters. Let us talk about how this institution started its journey. In fact the present school was re-established on 1-2-2007. Before this, the trust of this school (Swami Parmanand Vidyak Mission(Regd.) was running a school with the same name i.e Tagore Modern School in the interior side of the city. This was affiliated to the state board. This institution came into being forty three years ago. Sh. L.D. Verma is the founder of this school. In 1998 Mr. Sandeep Tangri took the command of the school as the principal. He burnt mid night oil to run that institute and brought it on the front line. After that it never looked behind. Every year was a year of great achievements. In 2004 the managing committee of the school purchased a bigger piece of land for the school near Kutba gate. In this place a magnificent building was constructed & the school was re-established here. Tagore Modern School is known for its quality education and best discipline. Either in the educational pursuit or in the cultural and scientific activities our students are doing their best and bring credit to the school. Wherever they go they attract and impress everyone by their dint of intelligence and high intellect. The students of Tagore School are ever considered the most intelligent, disciplined and mannered students. In deed these students are provided enriched environment in the school. The school is leaving no stone unturned in providing them the best education and making them civilized and cultured. Thus history of this school is brimmed up with achievements.