Our Mission


✓ To achieve excellence in school Education.

✓ To enable the students to distinguish between right and wrong.

✓ To enable the students to know their selves and their surroundings.

✓ To create a healthy competition among the students.

✓ To make the students best human beings and understand the values of life.

✓ To enhance the ability of students to lead a decent life.

✓ To give the students knowledge of our great traditions.

✓ To enable the students to understand our planet and contribute something to make this earth a better place to live.

✓ To equip the students with latest knowledge.

✓ To provide the students opportunities to develop their inner traits.

✓ To emphasize on character building to create high ideals among the students and make them cultured and civilized.

✓ To provide quality education at an affordable cost.